12 biscuits

A repost of an old internet meme.

A politician, a voter and an immigrant sit around a table with 12 biscuits.

The politicians takes 11 biscuits, then says to the voter: ‘Watch out, the immigrant is taking your biscuit’.

Grexit repost

I posted this 4 years ago (yes, that’s how excruciatingly  long this has been), and it seems we may be finally coming to the end of the road. The question is, who will screw whom this time? Somehow, I do not think many people will be laughing this time.


When Greece adopted the euro, in 2001, to replace the old drachma, it chose, for its €2 coins, a unique  and rather funny design: the abduction of Europa by Zeus, disguised as a white bull.

Ironically, though many contemporary Greeks might struggle to see the irony, Europa was a woman of high lineage. Zeus, the story goes, abducted her so that he could ravish her later. And ravish her he did. The irony in it being that, in fact, that’s just what Greece seems to have done to the Euro (or maybe the other way round?)


As the final day of the relationship could soon come to pass, perhaps a new design, based on an updated version of the myth, might be adopted for the new Greek coins, drachmas, or whatever they be. Below is a rather infantile interpretation of the myth of Europa after the crisis of he euro. To the attention of the Greek Treasury.


The Treasury minister’s wife and the green resort in Puglia strangled by Italian red tape

This article from The Independent (also in the local news) goes to illustrate further the previous post: people march against a gas pipeline terminal, and then protest against national and local government for opposing plans for (yet another ) tourist resort. That is not to say that there is no bureaucracy or corruption in public office, nor does it mean that the resort would necessarily be bad for the environment or the local community. It does not also rule out the possibility that Ms Deighton and her investors are just wealthy speculators looking to make a buck.

A bit of coherence would be nice though.